New Tiltwheels Stickers

Right in time for LDN Calling we got some new stickers. Hope you guys like them as much as we do!

New Tiltwheels Sticker

New Tiltwheels Sticker

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We have just uploaded a short video edit of David La Rotta skating the river in Málaga!

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Tiltwheels T-Shirt 54 now available!

Our brand new 54 T-Shirts are now available at Skateshop-Berlin and Streetboardspain, so go shopping dudes!

Tiltwheels T-Shirt 54For more Tiltwheels products, check our products page!

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Tiltwheels @Streetboardworlds2013 Karlsruhe Germany

Diese Galerie enthält 1 Foto.

David and Max attended Streetboard World Championship 2013 in Karlsruhe Germany and ended with two third and a second place. Congratulations to them!

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Tiltwheels in Istanbul


Cristian and David went to Istanbul with the BK-Team.

Here are just some shots, of them and our 54s Wheels. We can`t wait to see the video from their trip!


Istanbul01Istanbul02 Istanbul03

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Max Anderson joins Team Tiltwheels!!!!

We are pretty proud to announce, that Max Anderson joins the Tiltwheels pro Team! Not only because, he is probably the best Streetboarder at the moment, he is also a very smart and gently guy! The team will definitely benefit from him.
We are looking forward, to present you a “welcome to the team” edit from him, within the next days!


Welcome to the Team Max!!!

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New picture by Sitoh

We just got a brand new photo of our Circles02 Wheels from our friend St.fotografía from Barcelona Spain! Thank you dude for this nice photo!

Tiltwheels Circles02 Wheels!

Tiltwheels Circles02 Wheels!

check his facebook profile for more photos or the Twitter account

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Riderpack on it’s way to our new Teamrider!!!

We just sent out a Riderpack to our new Teamrider. Hope he likes the stuff!


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Three is not enough!

After the departure of Nils from the team Tiltwheels, there are only three team riders left. So currently, the team consists only of Cristian David and Peto.

We have decided that this is not enough. We need a fourth team rider! At the moment applications are send to us daily and so we are sure to announce a new Tiltwheels Teamrider very soon.

Keep checking to be the first to find out who it is.

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Nils Rehkop leaves team Tiltwheels!

The first ever Tiltwheels Teamrider Nils Rehkop leaves the team. Due to several heavy injuries, he is not able to skate anymore and that’s why he leaves the team.

We want to thank Nils for everything he did for Tiltwheels!

Tiltwheels Index

From the very first days of the Brand he tested all of our stuff to help us finding the best equipment. He always delivered Videos and Photos to support Tiltwheels! I am pretty sure, Tiltwheels would not be the same without him! So, Nils will always be a member of the family!

Nils Bs smith

Nils Blunt

Thank you Nils for the passion you put into Tiltwheels!!!

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